Compost-A-Mat® is a disposable pig mat and the new alternative to rubber pig mats currently being used in swine facilities. Disease organisms can remain in the fabric of a traditional rubber pig mats even after washing, sanitizing and drying. This creates a problem thereby causing disease to linger from one litter to the next, never going away.

  • Cornstalks/wood fibers are heat treated (over 350°) twice in the process of making the farrowing mat
  • Free from pig pathogens
  • Designed for compost
  • Provides piglet comfort
  • Excellent source of feedback material
  • Promotes excellent insulation
  • Promotes excellent hygiene
  • Lightweight

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farrow mat

Farrowing Mats

Create a bright, clean, inviting place for piglets to sleep. Our farrowing mats are made from cornstalks and wood chips.

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Compost-A-Mat farrowing mats are sold throughout the US and Canada. Find a distributor near you.

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